Christmas in Melbourne

Having grown up in Adelaide I have become used to the standard events that are rolled out across the city during the festive season. It usually begins with the Christmas Pageant, a parade that winds its way through the city streets boasting floats, clowns, dancers, and marching bands, with the final float carrying Father Christmas to the magic cave (located now, I believe, in David Jones). The pageant (which this year was on 15th November) is considered to be the start of the Christmas trading period (which differs in places such as the United States, where Thanksgiving Day is generally when the season begins). … More Christmas in Melbourne

Seriously, it’s a bridge

I am a little baffled. What is it that seems to attract so many people to this place? It is a bridge, it is no different from the many other bridges out there, yet for some reason people seem to go crazy over this particular bridge to the point that when one goes to Sydney one seems to have to get a photo of themselves with the bridge in the background: … More Seriously, it’s a bridge