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Honestly, I never know what to say in these ‘about’ sections. It is sort of like those huge cards that get circulated at work and despite having an arts degree, and been incredibly fluent in the English language, you never know what to write, so you end up writing ‘all the best in your new career/marriage, or whatever’. Hey, that even comes down to birthday cards, which makes me realise that there is a whole industry focused on actually writing the stuff in birthday cards to you don’t have to. Mind you, if you are a poet then you are probably great at that, but I seem more at ease writing blog posts that I am on birthday cards.

Well, as you can probably tell, I’m a bit of a traveller, and in one way I do it so as to mark off as many places on Google maps as possible, so I can look back at it one day and see all the places that I’ve visited. Mind you, I do tend to prefer places where I don’t have to jump through hoops to actually get into, which sort of puts going for a trek on the world’s longest railway out of reach of me (and unfortunately Europe might be going down that track as well). However, if they have good beer, great history, and just an excellent vibe, then maybe those hoops will be worth it.

I would call myself a native Melburnian (somebody who lives in the city of Melbourne), but I’ve only lived here for the last six years. As for keeping myself busy when I’m not travelling, I’m a student of Computer Science (having returned to University after thirteen years in the workforce, and looking for a profession that doesn’t involve dealing with first world problems). I’m also an avid reader, and love sitting in a quiet beer garden, with a pint of craft beer and a good book (though unfortunately Friday nights generally don’t give me that option – due to the crowds that is). As for pubs, well, a beer garden, or a rooftop deck is simply magical.

WordPress isn’t my only home on the internet since I have another blog which is much more eclectic in its content, namely being all things literature, movies, theatre, and history. While it is on blogger, I am toying with the idea of shifting that to WordPress as well. As for books, well I have a long running Goodreads account, and for photos I use Flicker, but only due to the space limitations here on WordPress. Oh, I should mention that I love all things historical and ancient, though have only made it to Greece and Italy once (though I hope to rectify that in the future).


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