The Sleazy Side of Sydney

I remember when I was much younger Kings Cross, or at least Darlinghurst Road, seemed much longer. Actually, I still remember the first time I wandered down to Kings Cross. A friend and I had decided we would start a new life in a new city, and we had randomly picked Sydney. Mind you, that … More The Sleazy Side of Sydney

Para Wirra – My Childhood Stomping Ground

Years ago, back when as they say I was ‘knee high to a grasshopper’ (and I wonder where they actually came up with that saying because grasshoppers are pretty small), I used to be in the Scouts, and before that I was a cub (which is pretty much the same thing but cubs tend to go to primary school while scouts go to high school, or at least they go to junior high). I would suggest that living in Adelaide meant that there was lots of bush where we could go out and wander, but I suspect that that happens to be the case anywhere and everywhere (unless you happen to be in the middle of Los Angeles or some such place, but since I have never been to Los Angeles I can’t really comment). … More Para Wirra – My Childhood Stomping Ground