Glebe – a trendy suburb with some city views

The thing that I have noticed since moving to Melbourne is that when I would come over for a weekend, usually because I wanted to go to the football, I would generally not stray too far out of the city. In a sense, most tourist attractions seem to be located in and around the city centre. Such a mentality tends to act against experiencing the city as a whole (even though there may be some places, such as Manly or Bondi in Sydney that tourists visit). Every city has its own unique character, and every suburb acts to build upon that character.
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Alberton Oval – The Power’s Home Ground

Okay, it’s not quite the MCG, and they don’t play any AFL games here, but this is still the traditional home of the Port Adelaide Football Club. When I was in primary school (the dates which I will not be disclosing) there were only two SANFL (South Australian National Football League – though I don’t know where the word ‘national’ came from since it is a state based league) teams that were any good, Port Adelaide and Glenelg. … More Alberton Oval – The Power’s Home Ground

Semaphore – A quiet seaside hideaway

Okay, I was really not intending on travelling down to Semaphore the last time I was in Adelaide, but it was only because when I was wandering around Glanville with my friend with the intention of visiting the Exeter that he suggested we wander further down Semaphore road to visit a pub that I had not been to in a long time (and one that I never realised existed). … More Semaphore – A quiet seaside hideaway