Freezing in Freo

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about a place in my own country, and though it has been almost a year since I went to Perth, it probably won’t hurt for me to revisit one of the world’s most remote cities, in particular its famous port of Fremantle. … More Freezing in Freo

The Chaos of Kuala Lumpar

There is something about Southeast Asian cities that stand out from many of the Western cities that I have visited, and that is that there seems to be a lot more life to them than the cold, orderly, cities in the West. There is still something realistic and natural about this collection of humans from all walks of life. … More The Chaos of Kuala Lumpar

Village of Azincourt

In a way there is probably not that much that would set Azincourt apart from the multitude of small villages scattered across the French countryside, and probably even less of a reason why anybody would take their time turning off their journey to pass through it (let along getting stuck behind a combine harvester), except for one thing – around six hundred years a lot of French blood was spilt on the fields thereabout. … More Village of Azincourt