Gawler – South Australia’s Second Town

During the school holidays when I was a kid my mum would take us on regular day trips to Gawler. As a kid, to be honest, I found Gawler boring because there was no park with any play equipment, with the exception of the cannon located in Pioneer Park. … More Gawler – South Australia’s Second Town

Salisbury – Remembering my Childhood

Okay, while I have lived in Adelaide most of my life, and my parents have lived up here all of that time, it was interesting returning to Salisbury this time just to see how things had changed since I was a kid. Okay, being one of the northern suburbs, Salisbury does not have a really good reputation, but compared to some of the suburbs further north, it is not all that bad. It fact as a suburb it is quite a nice place, it is just that the occupants tend to be on the rougher side of the community. … More Salisbury – Remembering my Childhood

Salisbury Uniting – A church from my childhood

My dad colloquially refers to this church as ‘the A-frame church’ because, well, if you look at the photo of the front of the church you can see why. Anyway, this was the old Methodist Church (before the Methodist, Presbyterian, and Congregationalist churches merged to become the Uniting Church in 1977), and a plaque next to the old Methodist Cemetery near the council buildings indicates that the current building was opened in 1961. … More Salisbury Uniting – A church from my childhood

Epping – A suburb on the edge of Melbourne

Granted, Epping is hardly a tourist attraction (and I hope the Epping Tourist Board doesn’t get upset with me saying this online), but it is a place in which I hold some childhood memories (as well as being a ten minute train ride, and then a fifteen minute walk, to the cinema – Northland is probably a lot more convenient). … More Epping – A suburb on the edge of Melbourne

Wanderings around Adelaide

Okay, I know, I grew up in Adelaide so why am I writing about this place as if I were a tourist. Well, having lived in Melbourne for two and a half years, and despite knowing quite a few people back here in Adelaide, this last visit has felt as if I were a tourist, and while there is a lot more to see and do beyond what I have written here, I just felt like sharing some of the things that I have seen and discovered as I spent my time in the city. … More Wanderings around Adelaide

The Art of South Australia

For those who are familiar with this blog, you would probably realise that I have (or have developed) and interest in the artistic world. In fact if you are one of my Facebook friends you would probably also realise that once a week I put up a random work of art (with some comment that people seem to occasionally find funny). Anyway, my recent trip to Adelaide would not have been complete without a visit to the Art Gallery of South Australia. … More The Art of South Australia

The State Library of South Australia – This used to be my second home

Back in the days when I was a teenager I used to spend most of my free time down at the State Library of South Australia (the State Library) because, well, I was a geek and the State Library was geek central. I remember once going over to Sydney and checking out the State Library of New South Wales and noted that it was nothing like the library back home. … More The State Library of South Australia – This used to be my second home

The Last Remnant of Adelaide’s Tram Network

Okay, the title to this post doesn’t take into account the tram line that runs from the Adelaide Entertainment Centre through the city to Glenelg, but from around 1956 to 2010 this was little more than a tourist line which ran a number of H-Class trams between City and the beach at Glenelg. As a kid this was one of the rides that our mum would take us on during the school holidays, usually accompanying a day trip to the beach. … More The Last Remnant of Adelaide’s Tram Network

South Australia has a St Kilda as well

To many Melbournians St Kilda is an inner city beachside playground that is famous for its beach, amusement park, baths, jetty, and the Esplanade Hotel (among other things). However, while the name St Kilda still brings images of the Melbourne suburb (including the Espy). However there is another St Kilda I have always associated that name with, a St Kilda located a mere 20 kms from the Adelaide CBD. … More South Australia has a St Kilda as well

A Hidden Gem for plane enthusiasts

Housed in two hangers (I was going to use the word shed, but I don’t think that is the proper term for large metal structures located at an airport) is collection of planes from the 40s and 50s as well as a memorabilia from the airforce (and display full of models of military vehicles). I’d actually driven past the sign on Kings Road more times than I can remember and I have never thought of actually going in there so, while I was on holidays in Adelaide over Christmas I decided to take my brother in to have a look around. … More A Hidden Gem for plane enthusiasts