The Overland – The Final Train Journey

Okay, a part of me really likes trains, and I do enjoy the occasional train journey, even if it doesn’t involve travelling at 300 kph between Frankfurt and Koln, and the Overland, the train that travels between Adelaide and Melbourne, is one that I have been on numerous times. … More The Overland – The Final Train Journey

The Car Collection – Birdwood Motor Museum

I find it rather odd that despite having grown up in South Australia I have never actually been to the Birdwood Motor Museum (or if I have I don’t remember it – though I do remember going to the Giant Rocking Horse at Gumeracha). Anyway, since I don’t ever remember coming here, and it is a blogworthy thing to write about I decided to grab my brother, and one of my friends, and then jumped in the car and went for a drive. … More The Car Collection – Birdwood Motor Museum

Cruising the Torrens – The Popeye

Even since I was a kid these boats have been cruising up and down the Torrens River. Okay, they may not have been these particular boats as sometime along the way the old wooden boats were replaced with new fiberglass ones (quite possibly because the older ones were getting, well, a little too old). I remember when I was a kid we would jump on the Popeye at Eldar Park, go for a cruise up to the wharf outside the zoo, and then go and have a look at the animals. Well, remembering those more innocent days in my life I decided to take my brother on that exact same journey. … More Cruising the Torrens – The Popeye