Afternoon at the Rijksmuseum

Yeah, the Rijksmuseum is pretty big, but not as big as the Louve, namely because the Louve does happen to hold the record for being the world’s largest museum (though I am sure somebody is going to come along sooner or later and steal that title from it, most likely somebody in China). In fact, it pretty much took us an entire afternoon to explore, well, most of the place, though on the lower levels we pretty much breezed through, if only so we could get to the impressionists before the place closed. … More Afternoon at the Rijksmuseum

World of the Greeks – The Hellenic Musuem

If you know anything about me you will know that I love the Ancient Greek world. In fact my second sojourn overseas was none other than to Greece (it would have been my first, but we decided to have a weekend in Hong Kong just to get my brother used to heading overseas, and to also calm my Dad’s nerves in letting him out of the country). While I could write quite a bit on my adventures in Greece, I might leave that for another time (namely after I manage to get back there, though that won’t be any time soon) because this is actually a story about a little bit of Greece that has come to Melbourne. … More World of the Greeks – The Hellenic Musuem

Australian Galleries – The Art Gallery of New South Wales

It is never a good idea to rush when you are visiting an art gallery because you never truly get the sense of wonder when you hurry, however I tend to have a real bad habit of putting time limits on my visits, which meant that on this visit I really did not get to experience all there is to offer. Maybe I should slow down a bit, but a part of me simply wants to cram so much into my days that I find it really difficult to metaphorically ‘smell the roses’. I’ve been here before, however the Art Gallery of New South Wales does have a lot of offer. … More Australian Galleries – The Art Gallery of New South Wales

Queensland Cutural Centre – Art and Science of Queensland

The thing that I thought was really handy in Brisbane is that they have the Museum, Art Gallery, and the major theatre all clustered together at the northern end of Southbank, which means that you can go and visit all of them in one day without having to wander all over the city. … More Queensland Cutural Centre – Art and Science of Queensland

Warrnambool Art Gallery – A collection of Random Paintings

Well, I guess every major town deserves an art gallery, even if it turns out that there isn’t all that much inside – which is what I discovered at the Warrnambool Art Gallery, otherwise known as The WAG (though that sounds like something you do when you don’t want to go to school, however it is also interesting that when you are working, you don’t wag work, you chuck a sickie – or at least that is what you do in Australia). … More Warrnambool Art Gallery – A collection of Random Paintings

The Art of South Australia

For those who are familiar with this blog, you would probably realise that I have (or have developed) and interest in the artistic world. In fact if you are one of my Facebook friends you would probably also realise that once a week I put up a random work of art (with some comment that people seem to occasionally find funny). Anyway, my recent trip to Adelaide would not have been complete without a visit to the Art Gallery of South Australia. … More The Art of South Australia