Mainz – Day Trip to the Rhine

As I mentioned in my post on Frankfurt, I noticed that the S-bahn went all the way out to some of the neighbouring cities, so when I was planning my trip to Frankfurt I decided that on one of the days I would head out to Mainz, if only to have a look around. Actually, I’m not really all that sure as to why I wanted to head out here, not that Mainz was all that far from Frankfurt – the trip only took about half an hour by train – but I guess it had something to do with that urge that I have to go and see what happens to be at the end of a railway line. … More Mainz – Day Trip to the Rhine

Whittlesea – Melbourne’s Outer Edge

When I was a kid my Dad used to drive us all the way to Melbourne (and back again) at Christmas time, namely so that we could spend Christmas with the relatives. Since they all lived in Melbourne, and we were the only ones who lived in Adelaide, it was more convenient for us to make the trek than for them. Mind you, growing up 700 kms away from my aunties, uncles, and Grandparents meant that I never got to know them as well as those who lived near them. Still it was fun going on a long country drive once a year, and also visiting various places on the way there, and back. … More Whittlesea – Melbourne’s Outer Edge

To Melbourne By Car

One of the things that I have done many a time is drive to Melbourne. Despite the fact that I don’t own a car, and have no desire to go an purchase a car, there is still something magical about getting behind the wheel and going for a long drive through the country. In fact for quite a while I would always take thr long slow route to Melbourne as opposed to making my way to the airport and jumping on a plane … More To Melbourne By Car

Warrnambool Botanic Gardens – Peacefulness by the sea

Well, I guess when I noticed that there was a sign pointing towards the botanic gardens I decided that I might go and have a bit of a look around. Anyway, my friend has a particular appreciation for gardens so I thought he might enjoy spending some time in this peaceful local. Peaceful it certainly was, but maybe that had something to do with it being a rather deary Sunday morning, or maybe everybody was simply nursing their hangovers from a rather eventful Saturday night (not that I would know what that is like). … More Warrnambool Botanic Gardens – Peacefulness by the sea

Fletcher Jones – More than just an abandoned factory

Every time I drive into Warrnambool I see the odd structure sitting over the skylike, and because is to so noticeable I instantly want to find out what it is. Okay, you can also see the steeples and towers of the various churches as well, but you can generally tell that they belong to the churches (which is quite helpful when you are looking for a church, because you can see the steeples and towers, but unfortunately they generally don’t tell you what that church actually is – though I’ve never accidentally wandered into a room full of cultists). … More Fletcher Jones – More than just an abandoned factory

Warrnambool Art Gallery – A collection of Random Paintings

Well, I guess every major town deserves an art gallery, even if it turns out that there isn’t all that much inside – which is what I discovered at the Warrnambool Art Gallery, otherwise known as The WAG (though that sounds like something you do when you don’t want to go to school, however it is also interesting that when you are working, you don’t wag work, you chuck a sickie – or at least that is what you do in Australia). … More Warrnambool Art Gallery – A collection of Random Paintings

Cheeseworld – More than just a Cheese Shop

Cheeseworld is on the opposite side of the road from a cheese factory, and while it would be lovely to say that this cheese factory has been family owned an operated for over a hundred years, in reality it is not. Warrnambool Cheese and Butter is an ASX listed company, with the ticker code ASX:WCB, and currently trades for about $8.48 (though for those who know anything about the stock market, that price is never static). … More Cheeseworld – More than just a Cheese Shop