A Park of Kings

The people of Perth (and in fact Western Australia in general, namely because about 80% of the population happen to live in Perth) are pretty proud of their inner city park. In fact they will regularly remind you that it happens to be the biggest inner city park in the entire world (much bigger than Central Park, which from what I could see is quite bigger than it actually appears). Hyde Park in London is also pretty huge, and bigger if you include St James gardens, however Kings Park, once again, apparently outstrips that. … More A Park of Kings

The Great Garden of Singapore

Okay, I have been to the Gardens by the Bay previously, however that last time I was in Singapore I ended up rushing through it because the sun was beginning to set (it does actually set pretty quickly around the equator, even with daylight savings time, which pretty much does absolutely nothing except move sun up and sun down a hour forward) and I did want to get a look at a couple of spots before I headed back to Chinatown to grab a beer at one (or three) of the great beer stalls in the Chinatown Complex. … More The Great Garden of Singapore

Hyde Park – A Morning Stroll

I’m not really all that sure if one could actually write an entire blog post on this not so little (but hardly big) park in the middle, or actually to one side, of the Sydney CBD. A part of it reminds me of pictures of Central Park in New York, though I would have to consider Hyde Park the baby brother (it is only surrounded by buildings on two sides – to the east you have the Domain, and the museum, and to the north you have a bunch of old buildings, which includes Parliament house. … More Hyde Park – A Morning Stroll

Mr Botanical’s Garden

I’m not sure why I insist on writing all these posts on Botanical Gardens since I am not a botanist, or a gardener, and all I end up doing is wandering around the place thinking “pretty plant, pretty plant, oh that’s a nice rose, gee what a big water lilly”. Then again it is a place that I have visited and I seem to have this form of obsessive compulsive disorder to sit down and write a blog post on almost every place that I have visited. … More Mr Botanical’s Garden

Singapore Story – A City of Gardens

Well if there is one reason to visit Singapore (that is if you aren’t a foodie like me) and that is to visit the gardens. In fact it is amazing that such a densely populated city state seems to have room not just for a few parks and gardens but for some huge ones. Okay, they did cheat when it came to the Gardens by the Bay because it is reclaimated land, however they are not the only gardens that Singapore boasts, and I did not have to time to visit all of them. Mind you, they don’t just plant gardens in the ground, but they also put them in the buildings as well. … More Singapore Story – A City of Gardens

Warrnambool Botanic Gardens – Peacefulness by the sea

Well, I guess when I noticed that there was a sign pointing towards the botanic gardens I decided that I might go and have a bit of a look around. Anyway, my friend has a particular appreciation for gardens so I thought he might enjoy spending some time in this peaceful local. Peaceful it certainly was, but maybe that had something to do with it being a rather deary Sunday morning, or maybe everybody was simply nursing their hangovers from a rather eventful Saturday night (not that I would know what that is like). … More Warrnambool Botanic Gardens – Peacefulness by the sea