Two Wells – Adelaide meets the country

The one thing that has always baffled me about Two Wells is that I’ve never been able to find the two wells from which the town gets its name. However, according to Wikipedia, the name originated from when the town was first settled as the colonists used the two Aboriginal wells in the area to water their cattle. I guess that makes a bit more sense now, but I still remember one day I actually drove up here to see if I could find these two wells. … More Two Wells – Adelaide meets the country

Goodwood & Unley – Exploring Old Adelaide

Okay, I did go to Adelaide to spend some time at the Fringe, however instead of spending Friday afternoon wandering around the CBD looking at what was on offer, I decided to jump on the new electric train and wander around the backstreets of the inner southern suburbs. Despite not seeing the buskers performing in Rundle Mall and visiting the Garden of Unearthly Delights before the crowds arrived, a trek from Goodwood to Unley was still quite a pleasant day out. Anyway, I did want to get another video of the electric train so I could post it up on Youtube for the benefit to the followers that I seem to have collected (and maybe I should start watching some of their clips – then again I really don’t have that much time). … More Goodwood & Unley – Exploring Old Adelaide

Glebe – a trendy suburb with some city views

The thing that I have noticed since moving to Melbourne is that when I would come over for a weekend, usually because I wanted to go to the football, I would generally not stray too far out of the city. In a sense, most tourist attractions seem to be located in and around the city centre. Such a mentality tends to act against experiencing the city as a whole (even though there may be some places, such as Manly or Bondi in Sydney that tourists visit). Every city has its own unique character, and every suburb acts to build upon that character.
More Glebe – a trendy suburb with some city views

Semaphore – A quiet seaside hideaway

Okay, I was really not intending on travelling down to Semaphore the last time I was in Adelaide, but it was only because when I was wandering around Glanville with my friend with the intention of visiting the Exeter that he suggested we wander further down Semaphore road to visit a pub that I had not been to in a long time (and one that I never realised existed). … More Semaphore – A quiet seaside hideaway

Salisbury – Remembering my Childhood

Okay, while I have lived in Adelaide most of my life, and my parents have lived up here all of that time, it was interesting returning to Salisbury this time just to see how things had changed since I was a kid. Okay, being one of the northern suburbs, Salisbury does not have a really good reputation, but compared to some of the suburbs further north, it is not all that bad. It fact as a suburb it is quite a nice place, it is just that the occupants tend to be on the rougher side of the community. … More Salisbury – Remembering my Childhood

Salisbury Uniting – A church from my childhood

My dad colloquially refers to this church as ‘the A-frame church’ because, well, if you look at the photo of the front of the church you can see why. Anyway, this was the old Methodist Church (before the Methodist, Presbyterian, and Congregationalist churches merged to become the Uniting Church in 1977), and a plaque next to the old Methodist Cemetery near the council buildings indicates that the current building was opened in 1961. … More Salisbury Uniting – A church from my childhood

Epping – A suburb on the edge of Melbourne

Granted, Epping is hardly a tourist attraction (and I hope the Epping Tourist Board doesn’t get upset with me saying this online), but it is a place in which I hold some childhood memories (as well as being a ten minute train ride, and then a fifteen minute walk, to the cinema – Northland is probably a lot more convenient). … More Epping – A suburb on the edge of Melbourne