Mr Botanical’s Garden

I’m not sure why I insist on writing all these posts on Botanical Gardens since I am not a botanist, or a gardener, and all I end up doing is wandering around the place thinking “pretty plant, pretty plant, oh that’s a nice rose, gee what a big water lilly”. Then again it is a place that I have visited and I seem to have this form of obsessive compulsive disorder to sit down and write a blog post on almost every place that I have visited. … More Mr Botanical’s Garden

Meeting the Animals – Adelaide Zoo

Well, as I mentioned in my post on the Popeye, one of the things that I did when I was a kid was to go for a cruise around the Torrens Lake (which, as you may remember, is actually an artificial lake) and then get off and go to the zoo. Well, in an effort to relive old times, my brother and I did just that – we got off the Popeye and went to visit the zoo. … More Meeting the Animals – Adelaide Zoo

The Car Collection – Birdwood Motor Museum

I find it rather odd that despite having grown up in South Australia I have never actually been to the Birdwood Motor Museum (or if I have I don’t remember it – though I do remember going to the Giant Rocking Horse at Gumeracha). Anyway, since I don’t ever remember coming here, and it is a blogworthy thing to write about I decided to grab my brother, and one of my friends, and then jumped in the car and went for a drive. … More The Car Collection – Birdwood Motor Museum

Cruising the Torrens – The Popeye

Even since I was a kid these boats have been cruising up and down the Torrens River. Okay, they may not have been these particular boats as sometime along the way the old wooden boats were replaced with new fiberglass ones (quite possibly because the older ones were getting, well, a little too old). I remember when I was a kid we would jump on the Popeye at Eldar Park, go for a cruise up to the wharf outside the zoo, and then go and have a look at the animals. Well, remembering those more innocent days in my life I decided to take my brother on that exact same journey. … More Cruising the Torrens – The Popeye

12 pubs (but skipping the 12 pints) – Adelaide’s Golden Mile

I’m sure many of us have heard of the final instalment of Edgar Wright’s Cornetto Trilogy called ‘The World’s End’ in which a group of friends come together again to attempt to complete an epic pub crawl in their home town which involves visiting twelve pubs and drinking twelve pints and concluding their night at a pub called ‘The World’s End’.

So, you may ask, how does this film relate to this particular post? Well, after watching this rather amusing story of five men’s attempt to complete was is called ‘The Golden Mile’ I remembered that Adelaide has a pub called ‘the World’s End’ (or more precisely ‘The Worldsend’) so one day I decided to try and work out how I could replicate the Golden Mile in the sleepy little town of Adelaide. … More 12 pubs (but skipping the 12 pints) – Adelaide’s Golden Mile

Two Wells – Adelaide meets the country

The one thing that has always baffled me about Two Wells is that I’ve never been able to find the two wells from which the town gets its name. However, according to Wikipedia, the name originated from when the town was first settled as the colonists used the two Aboriginal wells in the area to water their cattle. I guess that makes a bit more sense now, but I still remember one day I actually drove up here to see if I could find these two wells. … More Two Wells – Adelaide meets the country

South Australian Aviation Musuem – Adelaide’s other aircraft museum

Some museums tend to be quite ordered with very specific displays, while others tend to just throw a random collection of items into some large rooms that have some vague connection with each other and tend to focus on completion as opposed to order. The South Australian Aviation Museum tends to be the second type of museum. Don’t get me wrong, everything in this museum has some connection with aircraft and the aviation industry, but my first impression when I stepped into the hanger was: where do I start? … More South Australian Aviation Musuem – Adelaide’s other aircraft museum

Goodwood & Unley – Exploring Old Adelaide

Okay, I did go to Adelaide to spend some time at the Fringe, however instead of spending Friday afternoon wandering around the CBD looking at what was on offer, I decided to jump on the new electric train and wander around the backstreets of the inner southern suburbs. Despite not seeing the buskers performing in Rundle Mall and visiting the Garden of Unearthly Delights before the crowds arrived, a trek from Goodwood to Unley was still quite a pleasant day out. Anyway, I did want to get another video of the electric train so I could post it up on Youtube for the benefit to the followers that I seem to have collected (and maybe I should start watching some of their clips – then again I really don’t have that much time). … More Goodwood & Unley – Exploring Old Adelaide

National Railway Museum – A place for train fanatics

Okay, when I came down to Adelaide in early March it was my intention to spend some time at the Fringe Festival, but as is typical for me I also had quite a few other plans as well, such as coming down to Port Adelaide with my brother and another friend and visiting a couple of museums. Since my brother loves trains this was going to be one of those museums that we had to visit. … More National Railway Museum – A place for train fanatics