The Great Ocean Road – A Scenic Wonder

This is arguably one of my favourite drives in Australia (though the Illawara Highway south of Sydney comes in a very close second). To date I have driven along the route four times, the first being just after New Years Eve 2000 when I was in Melbourne with a friend and we wanted to take the scenic route back to Adelaide. … More The Great Ocean Road – A Scenic Wonder

A hike up Mount Macedon

Anyway, I never thought much of Mount Macedon, except that it is a national park where you can go for a bush walk (not that I don’t like bush walks), until a friend of mine showed me a photo of a massive cross on the top of the mountain. It was then that I decided that I might try hiking from the Macedon Railway Station up to the top of the mountain, take a selfie of me at the cross, post it on Facebook, and then walk back down again. … More A hike up Mount Macedon

Fitzroy Gardens – Turning Nature into Art

When I was a kid there was a difference between a park and a garden: parks had playgrounds and gardens didn’t. In fact I thought gardens were either boring, or simply hard work (namely because my Dad would regularly get me to pull perfectly good plants out of his garden, though he had another word for them – weeds). … More Fitzroy Gardens – Turning Nature into Art

Katoomba – The Heart of the Blue Mountains

Ever since my days in youth group I’ve known about Katoomba, namely because of the Christian Convention Centre there that holds an annual Youth Convention. I’ve never been to that convention (and these days I would hardly qualify as a youth) so 2014 was the first time I visiting this town nestled in the Blue Mountains (though nestled is probably not the word I am looking for since the train driver, upon arriving at the railway station, described this place as a ‘tourist mecca’). … More Katoomba – The Heart of the Blue Mountains