Victor Harbor – The Seaside Playground

Honestly, I’m not really all that sure what he appeal with Victor Harbor actually is. Okay, I have probably been down here more times than I can count, and the place gets pretty packed during the summer. Okay, driving through the town isn’t as bad as it could be, and certainly isn’t like driving through a European City (I hate driving through European cities, but that has more to do with not knowing where I am going and not being able to refer to Google Maps while I am driv … More Victor Harbor – The Seaside Playground

Wandering Westphalia

Having studied Modern European History in High School and university I have been somewhat attracted to various regions of Germany, such as the Rhineland and the Palatinate, that I had read about so often. Mind you, in the days before Google Maps, and in fact in the days before Google, when you had to actually go and look for information physically in the library, many of these places simply existed as names. Even on my first trip to Europe I was only vaguely aware where certain cities and states were located (and was somewhat surprised to discover that our train stopped off in Hannover on our way from Berlin to Amsterdam). … More Wandering Westphalia

Cologne – It’s About the Bridge

A part of me wants to start off by writing about this rail bridge that crosses the Rhine and heads into the centre of Cologne, but since I wrote an entire post about a bridge in Australia that everybody seems to get really excited about, I thought that maybe I should leave talking about this particular bridge, which is called the Hollerzollern Bridge, until another time (particularly since there are a few things that I could write about the bridge beyond the fact that trains regularly cross it and boats regularly go under it). However, you might be wondering why it is that I have a thing about this bridge when I think that other bridge is, well, a bridge and nothing to get all that excited over (just like the radio antenna that people seem to get really excited over in Paris). … More Cologne – It’s About the Bridge

Frankfurt – Gateway to Europe

Okay, I probably should be a little clearer in that while Frankfurt is a gateway into Europe it isn’t the only gateway (the first time I landed up in the old world I entered through Heathrow, and Charles de Gaulle airport is also an option, if you are travelling through Singapore that is – I believe that you can arrive at quite a few airports if you fly one of the UAE airlines, though I’m told that you can find that they have shuffled you off your seat at the last minute which can be really annoying if you are like me and prefer a window seat). Even though I have entered Europe through Heathrow once, the last couple of times I came in through Frankfurt namely because I wanted some practice with my German and Frankfurt is pretty central (and is also a four-hour high-speed train journey from Amsterdam). … More Frankfurt – Gateway to Europe

Workshops Rail Museum – Australia’s Oldest Rail Workshop

Actually, there are probably older railway workshops in Australia, but they have long since been closed down, which means that the Queensland Rail workshops in Ipswich would be the oldest operating railway workshop in Australia (it is just that the title to the blog was long enough as is to add the word ‘operating’). Anyway, as I am prone to do, I was looking at Ipswich on Google Maps when I discovered this railway museum. Since my brother loves trains, and I think they’re pretty cool myself, I decided to take him here when we visited Brisbane. … More Workshops Rail Museum – Australia’s Oldest Rail Workshop

National Railway Museum – A place for train fanatics

Okay, when I came down to Adelaide in early March it was my intention to spend some time at the Fringe Festival, but as is typical for me I also had quite a few other plans as well, such as coming down to Port Adelaide with my brother and another friend and visiting a couple of museums. Since my brother loves trains this was going to be one of those museums that we had to visit. … More National Railway Museum – A place for train fanatics

The Last Remnant of Adelaide’s Tram Network

Okay, the title to this post doesn’t take into account the tram line that runs from the Adelaide Entertainment Centre through the city to Glenelg, but from around 1956 to 2010 this was little more than a tourist line which ran a number of H-Class trams between City and the beach at Glenelg. As a kid this was one of the rides that our mum would take us on during the school holidays, usually accompanying a day trip to the beach. … More The Last Remnant of Adelaide’s Tram Network