Phuket Phenomena – An Elephant Adventure

There was two things that I absolutely wanted to do in Phuket, and one of them was to go for a ride on a Elephant. Okay, a girl that I dated once told me that it isn’t all that fantastic, and in fact it is quite rough, but I took her warning to mind (and she was right by the way, they aren’t the most comfortable of animals to ride) and still wanted to ride an elephant. So, I booked a half day safari tour which involved going for a ride on an elephant (though I later discovered that one of their safaris also involved a monkey show, which I kicked myself for not paying too close attention to the brochure). … More Phuket Phenomena – An Elephant Adventure

Phuket Phenomenah – Speedboat to Phi-Phi

After a relaxing day wandering around Patong Beach (and a couple of not so relaxing nights) it was time to go on my first tour. However I was a little worried, namely because this isn’t Australia where you can take companies to the ACCC if they rip you off by taking your money and vanishing into thin air (not that the ACCC can do all that much when that happens anyway – it is still a case of caveat emptor). So, I went into the lobby of the hotel (after having breakfast) with my laptop and book in my backpack (which was going to be a mistake) to wait for the bus to come and pick me up. After five people coming in calling out ‘James Bond Island’ and one calling out ‘Phi Phi Island’ I was starting to get a little worried. However the driver soon turned up, collected me, and took us off to the Royal Phuket Marina where our tour company, Sea Star, was based. … More Phuket Phenomenah – Speedboat to Phi-Phi

Singapore Story – A City of Gardens

Well if there is one reason to visit Singapore (that is if you aren’t a foodie like me) and that is to visit the gardens. In fact it is amazing that such a densely populated city state seems to have room not just for a few parks and gardens but for some huge ones. Okay, they did cheat when it came to the Gardens by the Bay because it is reclaimated land, however they are not the only gardens that Singapore boasts, and I did not have to time to visit all of them. Mind you, they don’t just plant gardens in the ground, but they also put them in the buildings as well. … More Singapore Story – A City of Gardens

Warrnambool Botanic Gardens – Peacefulness by the sea

Well, I guess when I noticed that there was a sign pointing towards the botanic gardens I decided that I might go and have a bit of a look around. Anyway, my friend has a particular appreciation for gardens so I thought he might enjoy spending some time in this peaceful local. Peaceful it certainly was, but maybe that had something to do with it being a rather deary Sunday morning, or maybe everybody was simply nursing their hangovers from a rather eventful Saturday night (not that I would know what that is like). … More Warrnambool Botanic Gardens – Peacefulness by the sea

Fletcher Jones – More than just an abandoned factory

Every time I drive into Warrnambool I see the odd structure sitting over the skylike, and because is to so noticeable I instantly want to find out what it is. Okay, you can also see the steeples and towers of the various churches as well, but you can generally tell that they belong to the churches (which is quite helpful when you are looking for a church, because you can see the steeples and towers, but unfortunately they generally don’t tell you what that church actually is – though I’ve never accidentally wandered into a room full of cultists). … More Fletcher Jones – More than just an abandoned factory

Alberton Oval – The Power’s Home Ground

Okay, it’s not quite the MCG, and they don’t play any AFL games here, but this is still the traditional home of the Port Adelaide Football Club. When I was in primary school (the dates which I will not be disclosing) there were only two SANFL (South Australian National Football League – though I don’t know where the word ‘national’ came from since it is a state based league) teams that were any good, Port Adelaide and Glenelg. … More Alberton Oval – The Power’s Home Ground

A hike up Mount Macedon

Anyway, I never thought much of Mount Macedon, except that it is a national park where you can go for a bush walk (not that I don’t like bush walks), until a friend of mine showed me a photo of a massive cross on the top of the mountain. It was then that I decided that I might try hiking from the Macedon Railway Station up to the top of the mountain, take a selfie of me at the cross, post it on Facebook, and then walk back down again. … More A hike up Mount Macedon