St Andrews South Brisbane – A Friendly Queensland Church

I’m going to have to say that this is my home church whenever I go to Brisbane. Okay, I don’t go to Brisbane all that often, but whenever I do (a grand total of four times) I have always paid this church a visit and my experience has always been the same, which is probably why I keep on coming back (to this church, not Brisbane – the last time I was in Brisbane was back in 2008). Anyway, I first heard about St Andrew’s South Brisbane through a friend from a church that I regularly attended in Adelaide, which was generally how you would find out about churches back in the day, simply because you never knew what you were going to get when you walk in through the door (and I have walked into some absolute shockers). Actually, I don’t mind wandering into random churches because, depending on the church, you can have some very interesting experiences, but I must say that every time I have come here the experience has always been wonderful. … More St Andrews South Brisbane – A Friendly Queensland Church

Warrnambool Presbyterian – They don’t build churches like this anymore

Yes, I know, the church is the people and not the building, but I wouldn’t turn down worshipping with a great group of people in a beautiful building – that was the case with one of the churches which I used to regularly attend. These days the two churches that I frequent are in the dinning room of a bible collage and in a building that I suspect was built in the sixties – both are very utilitarian in character. However there was a time when people would build beautiful churches with stained glass windows that would sit as a testament to the faith of the community, and unfortunately those days are now long gone. … More Warrnambool Presbyterian – They don’t build churches like this anymore

Salisbury Uniting – A church from my childhood

My dad colloquially refers to this church as ‘the A-frame church’ because, well, if you look at the photo of the front of the church you can see why. Anyway, this was the old Methodist Church (before the Methodist, Presbyterian, and Congregationalist churches merged to become the Uniting Church in 1977), and a plaque next to the old Methodist Cemetery near the council buildings indicates that the current building was opened in 1961. … More Salisbury Uniting – A church from my childhood

Christmas in Melbourne

Having grown up in Adelaide I have become used to the standard events that are rolled out across the city during the festive season. It usually begins with the Christmas Pageant, a parade that winds its way through the city streets boasting floats, clowns, dancers, and marching bands, with the final float carrying Father Christmas to the magic cave (located now, I believe, in David Jones). The pageant (which this year was on 15th November) is considered to be the start of the Christmas trading period (which differs in places such as the United States, where Thanksgiving Day is generally when the season begins). … More Christmas in Melbourne