Fort Denison – A Harbour Fortress

When people think of Sydney it is usually the Bridge, or the Opera House, that comes to mind, however the one thing that has always fascinated me with the place is the fortress that sits slap bang in the middle of the harbour. Okay, I have to admit that I usually don’t think about the fortress (and along with everybody else usually think about the Bridge or the Opera House, though the pubs at the Rocks also crop up occasionally) however everytime I land up here, particularly if I am standing on Bennalong point, I look out across the harbour and see this fortress and a part of me wanders how you actually get over there to have a look around. … More Fort Denison – A Harbour Fortress

Cheeseworld – More than just a Cheese Shop

Cheeseworld is on the opposite side of the road from a cheese factory, and while it would be lovely to say that this cheese factory has been family owned an operated for over a hundred years, in reality it is not. Warrnambool Cheese and Butter is an ASX listed company, with the ticker code ASX:WCB, and currently trades for about $8.48 (though for those who know anything about the stock market, that price is never static). … More Cheeseworld – More than just a Cheese Shop

South Australian Aviation Musuem – Adelaide’s other aircraft museum

Some museums tend to be quite ordered with very specific displays, while others tend to just throw a random collection of items into some large rooms that have some vague connection with each other and tend to focus on completion as opposed to order. The South Australian Aviation Museum tends to be the second type of museum. Don’t get me wrong, everything in this museum has some connection with aircraft and the aviation industry, but my first impression when I stepped into the hanger was: where do I start? … More South Australian Aviation Musuem – Adelaide’s other aircraft museum

Goodwood & Unley – Exploring Old Adelaide

Okay, I did go to Adelaide to spend some time at the Fringe, however instead of spending Friday afternoon wandering around the CBD looking at what was on offer, I decided to jump on the new electric train and wander around the backstreets of the inner southern suburbs. Despite not seeing the buskers performing in Rundle Mall and visiting the Garden of Unearthly Delights before the crowds arrived, a trek from Goodwood to Unley was still quite a pleasant day out. Anyway, I did want to get another video of the electric train so I could post it up on Youtube for the benefit to the followers that I seem to have collected (and maybe I should start watching some of their clips – then again I really don’t have that much time). … More Goodwood & Unley – Exploring Old Adelaide

National Railway Museum – A place for train fanatics

Okay, when I came down to Adelaide in early March it was my intention to spend some time at the Fringe Festival, but as is typical for me I also had quite a few other plans as well, such as coming down to Port Adelaide with my brother and another friend and visiting a couple of museums. Since my brother loves trains this was going to be one of those museums that we had to visit. … More National Railway Museum – A place for train fanatics

Semaphore – A quiet seaside hideaway

Okay, I was really not intending on travelling down to Semaphore the last time I was in Adelaide, but it was only because when I was wandering around Glanville with my friend with the intention of visiting the Exeter that he suggested we wander further down Semaphore road to visit a pub that I had not been to in a long time (and one that I never realised existed). … More Semaphore – A quiet seaside hideaway

Salisbury – Remembering my Childhood

Okay, while I have lived in Adelaide most of my life, and my parents have lived up here all of that time, it was interesting returning to Salisbury this time just to see how things had changed since I was a kid. Okay, being one of the northern suburbs, Salisbury does not have a really good reputation, but compared to some of the suburbs further north, it is not all that bad. It fact as a suburb it is quite a nice place, it is just that the occupants tend to be on the rougher side of the community. … More Salisbury – Remembering my Childhood