Warrnambool Botanic Gardens – Peacefulness by the sea

Well, I guess when I noticed that there was a sign pointing towards the botanic gardens I decided that I might go and have a bit of a look around. Anyway, my friend has a particular appreciation for gardens so I thought he might enjoy spending some time in this peaceful local. Peaceful it certainly was, but maybe that had something to do with it being a rather deary Sunday morning, or maybe everybody was simply nursing their hangovers from a rather eventful Saturday night (not that I would know what that is like). … More Warrnambool Botanic Gardens – Peacefulness by the sea

Fletcher Jones – More than just an abandoned factory

Every time I drive into Warrnambool I see the odd structure sitting over the skylike, and because is to so noticeable I instantly want to find out what it is. Okay, you can also see the steeples and towers of the various churches as well, but you can generally tell that they belong to the churches (which is quite helpful when you are looking for a church, because you can see the steeples and towers, but unfortunately they generally don’t tell you what that church actually is – though I’ve never accidentally wandered into a room full of cultists). … More Fletcher Jones – More than just an abandoned factory

Cheeseworld – More than just a Cheese Shop

Cheeseworld is on the opposite side of the road from a cheese factory, and while it would be lovely to say that this cheese factory has been family owned an operated for over a hundred years, in reality it is not. Warrnambool Cheese and Butter is an ASX listed company, with the ticker code ASX:WCB, and currently trades for about $8.48 (though for those who know anything about the stock market, that price is never static). … More Cheeseworld – More than just a Cheese Shop

Warrnambool Presbyterian – They don’t build churches like this anymore

Yes, I know, the church is the people and not the building, but I wouldn’t turn down worshipping with a great group of people in a beautiful building – that was the case with one of the churches which I used to regularly attend. These days the two churches that I frequent are in the dinning room of a bible collage and in a building that I suspect was built in the sixties – both are very utilitarian in character. However there was a time when people would build beautiful churches with stained glass windows that would sit as a testament to the faith of the community, and unfortunately those days are now long gone. … More Warrnambool Presbyterian – They don’t build churches like this anymore

Summer nights at the Queen Vic Markets

I could probably start by suggesting that during the day the Queen Victoria Markets are like any other farmers market but in a why it isn’t because it has a character all of its own. However, I can’t really say too much about it just yet because I have not given myself the opportunity to actually spend a decent amount of time here to really get a feel for the vibe, so I will leave it at that. … More Summer nights at the Queen Vic Markets

White Night – The artists of Melbourne hit the streets

Well, if there is one thing that I can say about White Night and that is it is better that New Years Eve. I’ve had a couple of New Years Eve’s in Melbourne and I must say that pretty much everything is shut so what you get is a bunch of people meandering around the streets of Melbourne looking for things to do while counting down until the inevitable 12:00 midnight when everybody screams out in unison ‘happy new year!’ and then begin signing, mostly off-key, Old Man Time. Yeah, sure they have fireworks, and every year they attempt to out do the previous years, but in the end you wake up with a hangover, or end up sleeping most of the day, and then trundle off back to work to do it all over again. … More White Night – The artists of Melbourne hit the streets

Epping – A suburb on the edge of Melbourne

Granted, Epping is hardly a tourist attraction (and I hope the Epping Tourist Board doesn’t get upset with me saying this online), but it is a place in which I hold some childhood memories (as well as being a ten minute train ride, and then a fifteen minute walk, to the cinema – Northland is probably a lot more convenient). … More Epping – A suburb on the edge of Melbourne

Christmas in Melbourne

Having grown up in Adelaide I have become used to the standard events that are rolled out across the city during the festive season. It usually begins with the Christmas Pageant, a parade that winds its way through the city streets boasting floats, clowns, dancers, and marching bands, with the final float carrying Father Christmas to the magic cave (located now, I believe, in David Jones). The pageant (which this year was on 15th November) is considered to be the start of the Christmas trading period (which differs in places such as the United States, where Thanksgiving Day is generally when the season begins). … More Christmas in Melbourne

A hike up Mount Macedon

Anyway, I never thought much of Mount Macedon, except that it is a national park where you can go for a bush walk (not that I don’t like bush walks), until a friend of mine showed me a photo of a massive cross on the top of the mountain. It was then that I decided that I might try hiking from the Macedon Railway Station up to the top of the mountain, take a selfie of me at the cross, post it on Facebook, and then walk back down again. … More A hike up Mount Macedon